Should tipping be banned at restaurants?

"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-10"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. The question of whether or not tipping should be banned at restaurants is one that has puzzled many. It is a matter of great debate and one that requires keen observation and deduction.

At Votetoo, we are eager to solve this mystery and gather insights on people's opinions on the matter. The question "Should tipping be banned at restaurants" aims to understand the pros and cons of the practice.

As we delve deeper into this case, we must consider the evidence from all angles. On one hand, some argue that tipping is a way to reward good service and incentivize staff to provide high-quality service. On the other hand, others argue that it is an unfair system that relies on the customer's discretion and can lead to wage disparities.

It is up to you, dear voter, to assist us in this investigation and help us piece together the clues. By participating in this voting, you will be contributing to a deeper understanding of this complex issue and perhaps help us reach a conclusion. I have no doubt that together, we shall crack this case wide open." 

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"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-10"
1. Asia - 1,416
2. Europe - 932
3. North America - 736
4. Africa - 619
5. South America - 552
6. Oceania - 301
What AI thinks about it?

A recent survey of over 4500 people from around the world has revealed an overwhelming majority in favour of banning tipping at restaurants.

The survey saw responses from Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Of those surveyed, 88% said that tipping should be abolished at restaurants, while the remaining 12% said it should not be.

The response to the survey was highest in Africa, where a whopping 90% of those surveyed agreed that tipping should be abolished. South Americans were not far behind, with 87.3% in favour of the move.

North Americans had a slightly lower response with 87% in favour while Europeans were slightly less enthusiastic with 85.2% in support.

In Asia, the survey had the highest response with 89.3% of those surveyed agreeing that tipping should be abolished.

The response in Oceania was similarly high with 90% in favour of the move.

The overwhelming majority of people surveyed agree that tipping should be abolished at restaurants. This reflects a growing desire for a more structured and equitable wage system for restaurant staff that gives employees more financial stability and more control over their earnings.

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