Is the life better and joyful without children?

"2023-02-14" - "2023-02-24"

The decision to have or not have children is a personal choice that varies widely among individuals and cultures. While many people find great fulfillment and joy in parenthood, others may feel that a life without children is more fulfilling. This topic has become increasingly relevant in recent years as more people are choosing to delay or forgo parenthood for various reasons, including financial, career, and lifestyle considerations.

For those who choose to live a child-free life, there are many potential benefits. Without the added responsibilities and costs associated with raising children, individuals may have more freedom to pursue their own goals and interests. They may have more disposable income and more time to devote to hobbies, travel, and social activities. Additionally, without the stress and demands of parenting, individuals may experience less anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

On the other hand, having children can bring a great deal of joy and meaning to one's life. For many people, parenthood is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience they will ever have. The bond between parent and child is unique and can provide a sense of purpose and belonging. Children can also bring joy and laughter into a home, and can help parents to stay active and engaged with the world around them.

It is important to recognize that this is a deeply personal decision that should be made based on individual circumstances and preferences. For some, having children may be an essential part of their identity and life goals, while for others, a child-free life may be more fulfilling. Ultimately, the decision to have or not have children should be made based on a thorough consideration of personal values, priorities, and lifestyle preferences.

It is worth noting that the decision to have or not have children can also be influenced by factors outside of an individual's control. For example, economic and societal factors, such as access to affordable childcare, work-life balance policies, and social norms and expectations, may impact an individual's ability and willingness to have children. Additionally, some people may face fertility issues or health concerns that impact their ability to conceive or carry a child to term.

In conclusion, while the decision to have or not have children is a highly personal one, it is worth considering the potential benefits and drawbacks of each choice. Both paths can lead to fulfilling and happy lives, and ultimately, the decision should be based on individual circumstances and preferences. 

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"2023-02-14" - "2023-02-24"
1. Asia - 1,468
2. Europe - 919
3. North America - 837
4. Africa - 675
5. South America - 591
6. Oceania - 318
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An international poll has revealed that the majority of people across the world believe that life can be better and more joyful without children.

The poll, which surveyed 4808 people from Africa, South America, North America, Asia and Oceania, found that 68.2% of people said 'yes', and 31.8% said 'no'.

In Africa, 70.2% of people said that life without children was better and more joyful, closely followed by Oceanians, of whom 73.3% agreed. In South America, Europe and North America, the figures were just below 70%. In Asia, the figure was 68.4%.

Overall, it appears that the majority of people around the world feel that life without children can still be joyful and fulfilling. While some may disagree with this sentiment, the results of the poll appear to suggest otherwise.

It is important to note that this survey does not take into account any broader social or economic contexts, or the fact that having children can provide joy in some cases. It is also worth noting that the poll does not reflect the opinions of all people, as some may have chosen not to respond.

Ultimately, this poll appears to demonstrate that, for many people, a life without children is still seen as a life that can be filled with joy. While this may be disputed by some, it appears to be an opinion shared by many across the world.

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