If you had a chance, would you lived on MARS until end of your life?

"2022-12-02" - "2022-12-12"
This Time Most Voters
"2022-12-02" - "2022-12-12"
1. Asia - 551
2. Europe - 542
3. Africa - 463
4. North America - 455
5. South America - 434
6. Oceania - 364
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A recent survey has revealed people around the world would be divided when it comes to the question of living on Mars.

According to the survey, which gathered responses from 2809 people in Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, 48.6% said they would choose to live on Mars until the end of their life if they had a chance, while 51.4% said no.

In Africa, 48.2% of 463 people surveyed said yes, while 51.8% voted no. South Americans were even more reluctant to the idea, with 47.9% of 434 people surveyed saying yes, and 52.1% saying no. North Americans were similarly split, with 47.5% of 455 people surveyed saying yes, and 52.5% voting no. Meanwhile, Europeans were the most in favor of the idea, with 50.4% of 542 people surveyed saying they would move to Mars if they had a chance, while 49.6% said no. Asians were almost evenly divided, with 48.1% of 551 people surveyed saying yes, and 51.9% voting no. Lastly, Oceanians were slightly more in favour of the idea, with 49.2% of 364 people surveyed saying yes, and 50.8% saying no.

Overall, the survey reveals that while most people remain skeptical of the idea of moving to Mars, there is still an enthusiastic minority that see the potential of relocating to the Red Planet.

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