If there were a war involving your country, would you be willing to fight for your country?

"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-29"
Gender Opinions
Age Group Opinions
18-26 Age
27-36 Age
37-49 Age
50-74 Age
75+ Age
This Time Most Voters
"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-29"
1. Asia - 5,370
2. Europe - 3,785
3. North America - 3,111
4. Africa - 2,624
5. South America - 2,188
6. Oceania - 1,300
What AI thinks about it?

Today, an international survey was conducted to measure support for fighting in the event of a war involving one's own country. The survey revealed that a majority of people from six different continents across the globe are in favor of fighting for their nation.

Africans were the most divided with 61.4% of respondents answering positively, while 38.6% responded negatively. South Americans answered the survey with 64% in favor and 36% against. Similarly, North Americans and Europeans gave a 63% positive and 37% negative response, respectively. Asians were the most supportive of all, with 63.7% in favor of fighting and 36.3% against. The smallest sample was Oceanians with 63.3% voting yes and 36.7% voting no.

Overall, 63.1% of the survey participants voted in favor of defending their country in case of a war. This positive response was slightly lower than the 65.5% cited in a similar survey conducted five years ago, indicating a decrease in support for fighting for one's nation.

Regardless of the decrease in support, the data from this survey clearly shows that a majority of people across the world are in favor of defending their country if a war arises. With this worrying trend of decreasing support, it is important for governments and citizens alike to remember that we are all connected and the decision to fight for one's country is not an easy one.