If our life on Earth was a movie, would Elon Musk be a Hero or a Villain?

"2022-11-08" - "2022-11-15"

As the world continues to be captivated by the innovative ideas and ambitious projects of entrepreneur Elon Musk, a question has arisen: if our life on Earth was a movie, would he be a hero or a villain? From the creation of PayPal, to the development of Tesla electric cars, to the launch of Space X Starlink satellites, Elon Musk has proven time and time again that he is a visionary. But, like all great figures, he has also sparked controversy, from his public statements to his ambitious goals of colonizing Mars. With his impact on technology and the future of humanity, it's a question worth asking: what role would Elon Musk play in the movie of our lives? 

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"2022-11-08" - "2022-11-15"
1. Europe - 6
2. Asia - 5
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The latest worldwide poll has made some interesting revelations about how people view tech mogul, Elon Musk. Of the 11 people who voted in the poll, 36.4% believe he is a Hero while 63.6% of respondents view him as a Villain.

The most significant results come from Europe, where 6 people voted, with 33.3% saying Musk is a Hero and 66.7% saying he is a Villain. Meanwhile, 5 people from Asia voted, with 40% saying he is a Hero and 60% saying he is a Villain.

Despite Musk's many accomplishments and advancements in the technological and automotive industries, it appears he still has quite a few detractors around the world. Whether attributed to his sometimes brash and outspoken public persona, his past business dealings, or other factors, it appears people remain skeptical of Musk's motives and influence.

It will be interesting to watch how people's perceptions of Elon Musk continue to evolve as his projects continue to develop and his influence increases. As the public continues to learn more about the tech mogul, it will be interesting to see if the Hero/Villain narrative changes in the near future.

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