Have you ever travel to another country?

"2022-11-28" - "2022-12-06"
This Time Most Voters
"2022-11-28" - "2022-12-06"
1. Africa - 234
2. North America - 223
3. South America - 213
4. Europe - 209
5. Asia - 202
6. Oceania - 189
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A recent global survey has found that more than half of the world’s population has traveled to another country at least once in their life.

The survey, which asked “Have you ever traveled to another country?”, revealed that the highest proportion of "yes" answers came from Asia (58.4%), followed by North America (53.8%), Africa (53.4%), South America (51.6%) and Oceania (46.0%). The lowest proportion of "yes" answers was found in Europe, where only 45.5% of respondents had traveled outside their own country.

The survey’s results suggest that people’s desire to explore the world is still strong, despite the current global health crisis and other challenges that have disrupted the travel industry.

The survey also revealed the varying levels of international experience among different countries. For example, Europeans had the lowest proportion of “yes” answers, while Asians had the highest. This suggests that geographic and economic factors are still strong determinants of whether or not a person has a passport and the ability to travel internationally.

The survey’s results are a reminder that while the world has become smaller and more accessible, much work remains to be done before true freedom of movement is achieved for all.

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