Have you ever been mugged or robbed?

"2022-11-30" - "2022-12-10"
This Time Most Voters
"2022-11-30" - "2022-12-10"
1. Asia - 425
2. North America - 424
3. Africa - 418
4. South America - 413
5. Europe - 413
6. Oceania - 404
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A recent international poll has revealed that over half the world has experienced either being mugged or robbed at one time or another.

In Africa, 51.4% of the respondents have experienced either a mugging or robbery, while in South America, 48.2% have experienced one. In North America, 46.2% of people have been mugged or robbed, while Europeans had a slightly higher percentage of 54.5%. Asians, meanwhile, had the highest rate of all, with 55.3% saying they have experienced either a mugging or robbery in their life.

The survey, which was taken globally, showed that a total of 2497 people answered the question, with the overall result being 51.3% saying yes and 48.7% saying no.

The research is telling of the state of the world and the level of crime present in many countries. While people from some countries seem to be more likely to report having been mugged or robbed, the numbers are still high for all regions. It is clear that further action needs to be taken to lower the rate of crime and make the world a safer place for everyone.

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