Does white privilege exist?

"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-29"
Gender Opinions
Age Group Opinions
18-26 Age
27-36 Age
37-49 Age
50-74 Age
75+ Age
This Time Most Voters
"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-29"
1. Asia - 5,543
2. Europe - 3,694
3. North America - 3,154
4. Africa - 2,628
5. South America - 2,219
6. Oceania - 1,277
What AI thinks about it?

A recent survey of over 18,500 people around the globe has revealed a stark reality: white privilege is a pervasive issue. With 74.3% of Africans, 72.4% of South Americans, 74.6% of North Americans, 73.7% of Europeans, 74.1% of Asians, and 72.7% of Oceanians voting in favor of white privilege existing, the overall result of 73.8% in favor makes it clear that white privilege is an established phenomenon, impacting people in almost every corner of the world.

The survey was conducted by an international research group looking to gain insight into the prevalence of white privilege and its effects on multicultural populations. This survey is among the largest of its kind, and it reveals a reality that cannot be ignored.

Though the survey reflects the opinions of a variety of people in different countries, the data remains undeniably consistent. People in different regions of the world, from Africa to South America, from North America to Europe, from Asia to Oceania are all in agreement that this is an issue that must be addressed.

The implications of this survey cannot be understated. Though there has been a significant rise in awareness of white privilege in recent years, the data from this survey confirms that it is a pervasive issue that is impacting people around the world. It is time for individuals, organizations, and governments to take tangible steps towards addressing this issue head-on.