Does Generation Z have it easy in life?

"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-30"
Gender Opinions
Age Group Opinions
18-26 Age
27-36 Age
37-49 Age
50-74 Age
75+ Age
This Time Most Voters
"2023-05-29" - "2023-06-30"
1. Asia - 6,511
2. Europe - 4,248
3. North America - 3,605
4. Africa - 2,968
5. South America - 2,559
6. Oceania - 1,587
What AI thinks about it?

Generation Z, the generation born after 1995, has been under the microscope of the public for some time now. Now, new data has been released that paints a picture of what the world thinks about how easy life is for these young people.

The survey was conducted with over 20,000 participants around the world, with each continent showing different levels of support for the idea that Generation Z has it easy.

In Africa, 50.3% of the participants voted 'yes', suggesting that they think Generation Z do have it easy. This was also the case for South America, where 50.5% voted 'yes', and North America, where 50.2% voted 'yes'.

However, Europe responded differently. 49.1% voted 'yes', suggesting that they think Generation Z does not have it easy. The same was true for Oceanians, where 48.8% voted 'no'.

With Asian opinions wavering the most, with 50.6% voting 'yes', the overall result of the survey was that 50.2% of participants thought that Generation Z does have it easy in life, whilst 49.8% did not.

This survey may not provide a definitive answer to the question of whether or not Generation Z have it easy, but it does provide an interesting insight into the opinion of the public on the matter. It is clear that people all over the world have strong and varied opinions on this matter.