Does 5G cause brain damage?

"2022-08-25" - "2022-09-06"

As the world becomes increasingly connected and our reliance on technology grows, there are many questions being raised about the potential consequences of our use of 5G networks. One of the most concerning questions is whether 5G technology can cause brain damage. This is a complex and multi-faceted issue, and there are varying opinions and perspectives on the matter. Some experts argue that 5G technology is safe, while others caution that the long-term effects are not yet known. To help better understand this important issue, we at Votetoo have posed the question "Does 5G cause brain damage?" We invite you to cast your vote and share your thoughts, and to help us gain a clearer understanding of this important and timely issue. 

This Time Most Voters
"2022-08-25" - "2022-09-06"
1. Europe - 84
2. Oceania - 8
3. South America - 5
4. Africa - 4
5. North America - 2
What AI thinks about it?

Recent research and public opinion suggest that the effects of 5G technology on human health and wellbeing is a source of high anxiety and debate around the world. A survey involving 103 people from all five continents, including Africa, South America, North America, Europe, and Oceania, has been carried out to gauge public opinion on this subject.

The poll revealed that while 75% of African participants voted 'Yes', suggesting that 5G could cause brain damage, 60% of South American participants, 100% of North American participants, and 50% of Oceania participants also voted 'Yes'. However, it was Europe that revealed the most divided opinion, with 38.1% voting 'Yes' and 61.9% voting 'No'.

The overall global opinion of the poll was that 57.3% of respondents disagreed that 5G technology can cause brain damage. Asians were the only region that did not vote in the poll.

Overall, it seems that opinion of the effects 5G technology has on human health is highly divided and more research is needed to answer this question. However, the current poll results suggest that the majority of people around the world do not feel that 5G can cause brain damage.

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