Do you wake up without hitting on snooze?

"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-14"

Let's face it, waking up in the morning can be tough. The warm and cozy bed, the darkness of the room, and the comfort of our pillows make it hard to leave the dreamland and face the reality. But what if I tell you that there is a secret weapon to make your mornings a little bit easier?

You might have heard of it, it's called the snooze button! With just a simple press of a button, you can have an extra 9 minutes of sleep before your alarm goes off again. But the question is, do you really need it?

At Votetoo, we are curious to find out if people are snooze button warriors or they can be one of the rare ones who can wake up with one alarm clock ring. The question "Do you wake up without hitting on snooze?" aims to gather insights on people's morning habits and how they deal with the struggle of waking up.

So, whether you're a snooze button master or you're a morning person who jumps out of bed ready to conquer the day, we want to hear from you! By participating in this voting, you will be contributing to a deeper understanding of people's morning habits and helping us find out if there's anyone out there who can wake up without hitting snooze. 

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This Time Most Voters
"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-14"
1. Asia - 2,253
2. Europe - 1,565
3. North America - 1,208
4. Africa - 1,085
5. South America - 857
6. Oceania - 523
What AI thinks about it?

A recent survey revealed that people all around the world have mixed opinions on whether they wake up without hitting the snooze button or not.

According to the survey, 7491 people from all different parts of the world voted with the total result being 34.6% YES, 65.4% NO.

In Africa, 1085 people voted with 34.5% of them saying YES and 65.5% saying NO. South Americans were also included in the survey with 857 people voting, 34.8% of them saying YES and 65.2% saying NO.

In North America, 1208 people voted with 33.2% of them saying YES and 66.8% saying NO. Europeans were also included in the survey, with 1565 people voting and 34.2% of them saying YES and 65.8% saying NO.

Finally, Asians were included in the survey with 2253 people voting and 35.6% of them saying YES and 64.4% saying NO. Oceanians were included too with 523 people voting and 34.2% of them saying YES and 65.8% saying NO.

Overall, it would appear that the majority of people around the world have a preference for hitting the snooze button in the morning. However, it is important to emphasize that everyone is different and should make the decision that works best for them.

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