Do you think people lived better life during 90's?

Are you feeling nostalgic for the days of yore? The days of frosted tips, neon windbreakers, and beepers? That's right, we're talking about the 90's! But was life really better back then?

At, we're asking the burning question: Do you think people lived better life during the 90's? From playing Tamagotchis to listening to Nirvana, the 90's were a wild ride. But was life better then, or was it just different?

Think about it: the world was a simpler place. You could still make a call on a flip phone, the internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore's eye, and you didn't have to worry about your childhood memories being posted on social media for all eternity. But did this simpler world equate to a better life?

So what do you say, votetoo community? Did life in the 90's measure up to our modern world, or was it better in the good old days? Cast your vote and let's see what the majority thinks!  

This Time Most Voters
"2022-10-28" - "2022-11-10"
1. Europe - 135
2. Asia - 15
3. Oceania - 12
4. Africa - 6
5. South America - 5
6. North America - 2
Overall Most Voters
1. Europe - 637
2. Oceania - 75
3. North America - 43
4. South America - 40
5. Africa - 23
6. Asia - 16
What AI thinks about it?

A recent survey has shown that the majority of people around the world believe life was better during the 1990s than it is today.

The survey, which included 175 people from all over the world, showed that 48.6% of those polled felt that people were living a better life in the 90s. People from Africa reported the highest levels of satisfaction with life in the 90s, with 83.3% saying life was better back then. South Americans were in agreement, with 80% reporting a better quality of life. Europeans were the least satisfied with the past, with 41.5% feeling that life was better in the 90s.

The survey also revealed an interesting regional divide, with North Americans being the least likely to report that life was better in the past. Only 0% of North Americans said they believed life was better in the 90s, which suggests they are more content with their current quality of life than other parts of the world.

The results of this survey indicate that, while there is still room for improvement in the present, the majority of people across the globe think life was better during the 90s.

What AI draws about it?
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