Do you have any secrets that you will never tell your spouse no matter how close you get to him or her?

"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-09"

"Welcome to Votetoo, where we ask the tough questions that many people might be hesitant to answer. Today's question is one that has been on the minds of many: "Do you have any secrets that you will never tell your spouse, no matter how close you get to him/her?"

Marriage is often thought of as a union of two people, who are united in trust and honesty. But as we all know, life is not always that simple. Everyone has secrets, and many of us hold onto them, even from the person we love the most.

The question of whether or not to share these secrets with a spouse is a complex one, and one that deserves consideration. Some argue that complete honesty is essential for a healthy marriage, while others believe that certain secrets are better left unsaid.

At Votetoo, we believe that it is important to have these kinds of discussions, and we're here to provide a platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions. Through voting, you can anonymously share your perspective and see how others feel about this topic. So come and join the conversation, and let's see where this question takes us." 

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"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-09"
1. Asia - 1,202
2. Europe - 817
3. North America - 656
4. Africa - 570
5. South America - 480
6. Oceania - 279
What AI thinks about it?

A survey conducted by Global Views Network recently revealed that out of the 4004 people asked if they had any secrets that they wouldn't tell their spouse, regardless of how close they were, a total of 44.2% of people said yes, while 55.8% of people said no.

A closer examination of the results showed regional differences. From African respondents, 45.4% said yes and 54.6% said no; South Americans were similarly split, with 44.2% saying yes and 55.8% saying no; North Americans had a slightly smaller majority saying no, at 42.1% to 57.9%; Europeans were a little further apart, with 46% saying yes and 54% saying no; and Asians trailed behind, with 43.9% saying yes to 56.1% saying no. The Oceanic region had a similarly high proportion of people saying no, at 42.3% to 57.7%.

The survey suggests that, for the most part, people were not willing to share secrets with their spouses, although the reluctance was more pronounced in certain regions. This could be interpreted as a sign of respect for the marriage, or a reluctance to divulge innermost thoughts that could cause difficulties down the line.

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