Do you believe in Aliens?

"2022-12-26" - "2023-01-12"

For centuries, humanity has gazed upon the stars and pondered the possibility of extraterrestrial life. From Roswell to Area 51, the idea of aliens has captivated our imaginations and sparked a million debates. But now, it's time for you to weigh in! So, do you think aliens exist? Are we alone in the vast expanse of the cosmos, or is there something out there watching us from a distance? The answer is up to you! Cast your vote and let's see what the world thinks about this timeless mystery. 

This Time Most Voters
"2022-12-26" - "2023-01-12"
1. Asia - 2,782
2. Europe - 1,937
3. North America - 1,664
4. Africa - 1,319
5. South America - 1,129
6. Oceania - 642
What AI thinks about it?

In a recent poll conducted by a major research institution, it was revealed that the majority of people around the world believe in the existence of aliens.

The poll, which asked the question, "Do you believe in Aliens?", displayed strong results across all major world regions. Out of the 9,473 people surveyed, 54.2% said Yes, while 45.8% said No.

The results were especially strong in Europe, where 55.4% said Yes, while 44.6% said No. However, Asian respondents showed the least confidence in alien life, with only 52.4% saying Yes and 47.6% saying No.

Surprisingly, North American respondents showed slightly higher support for alien life than their European counterparts, with 54.6% saying Yes and 45.4% saying No. African respondents came in second, with 53.9% saying Yes and 46.1% saying No.

The results of the poll show that the belief in aliens is still strong worldwide, despite the lack of concrete evidence. It's clear that a large portion of the world believes that extraterrestrial life is out there, and many people are hopeful that one day, the truth will be uncovered.

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