Did Covid come from lab?

"2022-11-06" - "2022-11-12"

 The pandemic has swept across the globe, bringing fear, sickness, and death in its wake. Some believe that the virus was released from a laboratory, while others think it originated in animals and jumped to humans. The truth is still unknown, and it's up to each of us to form our own opinions and make our voices heard. So gather round, my friends, and let's delve into this dark and mysterious question. The answer may not be as frightening as a Stephen King novel, but it's just as important. 

This Time Most Voters
"2022-11-06" - "2022-11-12"
1. Europe - 5
2. Asia - 4
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A new survey of global opinion has found that most voters believe that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) did indeed come from a laboratory.

The poll asked voters from all around the world if they believed the virus had been artificially created in a lab. Of the 9 people who voted in the poll, 88.9% said "yes" and 11.1% said "no."

The majority of voters who said "yes" were from Europe, with 100% of the 5 European voters believing that the virus originated in a laboratory. Asia was almost evenly split, with 75% of the 4 voters who took part saying "yes" and 25% saying "no."

Africa and South America had no votes in the poll, while Oceanians had not voted either.

The results of the poll seem to indicate that most people around the world believe that the virus did indeed originate in a lab, though there is still no definitive proof of this. Until more research is done, the source of the virus will remain a mystery.

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