Crypto vs Banking Which Is Better?

"2023-03-21" - "2023-04-21"

When it comes to managing our finances, there are a variety of options available to us. Traditional banking has long been the go-to choice for most people, offering a range of services such as savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. However, in recent years, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an alternative option, offering their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

In this yes or no poll, we are asking whether you believe that crypto or banking is a better choice for managing your finances. While both options have their pros and cons, we want to know which one you think is the superior choice overall. So, cast your vote and let us know your thoughts! 

Gender Opinions
Age Group Opinions
18-26 Age
27-36 Age
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This Time Most Voters
"2023-03-21" - "2023-04-21"
1. Asia - 10,866
2. Europe - 7,177
3. North America - 6,141
4. Africa - 5,116
5. South America - 4,302
6. Oceania - 2,535
What AI thinks about it?

A recent survey showed the opinion of people all around the world on the popular debate between Crypto and Banking. 36,137 people from across the continents casted their vote in the survey, resulting in an overwhelming majority in favour of Banking.

Africans voted 31.7% in favour of Crypto and 68.3% in favour of Banking. Similarly, South Americans voted 32.5% for Crypto and 67.5% for Banking. North Americans and Asians voted in similar fashion with the same percentages, 31.8% and 68.2% respectively. The Europeans voted least in favour of Crypto, with only 30.8% in their favour. Oceanians voted 33% in favour of Crypto and 67% in favour of Banking.

Overall, the survey revealed that 31.8% of the participants were in favour of Crypto, whereas 68.2% voted in favour of Banking. This shows that the majority of the people surveyed still preferred traditional banking methods over Cryptocurrencies. However, it also reflects that the interest in Cryptocurrencies is still growing, largely due to its potential as an alternative form of currency.

The survey results serves as a reminder that Crypto is still a relatively new concept and there are some aspects of it that still remain unclear to the public. While there is a growing interest in Cryptocurrency, it is still important for the public to take precautions and properly research the risks associated with this new form of currency before investing.

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