Are you struggling to pay your rent?

"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-15"

"The cost of housing is a major concern for many people around the world. For many people, paying rent can be a significant financial burden, leaving them struggling to make ends meet. According to a recent study, a significant percentage of renters in major cities are considered "rent-burdened," meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on housing.

The issue of housing affordability is particularly acute for low-income renters, who are often forced to choose between paying for necessities such as food and healthcare, or paying the rent. The lack of affordable housing can also have a detrimental effect on mental and physical health, as well as education and job opportunities.

With the increasing cost of living and stagnant wages, many people are finding it harder to keep up with rising rents. The question of whether you are struggling to pay your rent is an important one, and one that many people are facing. By sharing your experience, you can help to shed light on the issue and bring attention to the need for solutions to make housing more affordable for all." 

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"2023-01-28" - "2023-02-15"
1. Asia - 2,430
2. Europe - 1,708
3. North America - 1,349
4. Africa - 1,154
5. South America - 961
6. Oceania - 569
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A recent worldwide survey regarding rent affordability has revealed the alarming extent of financial strain for many globally. The survey, which asked "Are you struggling to pay your rent?", received responses from over 8,000 people from all over the world.

Of the African respondents, 67.9% said yes, indicating that many are having difficulty meeting their monthly rent payments. 63.4% of South American respondents also said yes, while North American respondents answered yes with a rate of 60.8%. Europeans and Asians also both answered yes with a rate of 65%, and even Oceanians, who saw a yes vote of 64.5%, showed a concerning statistic. Over 8,100 people answered the survey in total, with 64.6% of respondents answering yes.

The survey results highlight the reality of rent affordability difficulties the world over, proving that even in the most affluent countries, many are struggling to keep up with the ever-rising cost of rental payments. It's clear that governments and landlords must take steps to ensure that rent payments are manageable for all, regardless of their location.

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