Are you in a better economic condition now than you were in December 2020?

"2022-12-29" - "2023-01-08"
This Time Most Voters
"2022-12-29" - "2023-01-08"
1. Asia - 1,081
2. Europe - 724
3. North America - 572
4. Africa - 484
5. South America - 397
6. Oceania - 241
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According to a recent survey, it appears the economic conditions around the world are slowly improving. Out of 3499 people polled, a majority - 64.7% - said they were in a better economic condition than they were in December 2020.

The survey's results seemed to highlight a marked improvement from the global economic downturn brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Africans responded the most positively, with 66.3% saying yes to the question of whether their economic situation had improved. South Americans followed closely behind with 63.5%, while North Americans and Europeans reported a 65.4% and 65.3% positive response, respectively. Asians responded the least positively, but still reported a majority of 63.6% who felt their economic situation was improved.

Overall, the poll seemed to suggest that while the economic recovery is far from complete, public sentiment on the matter is encouraging. Many countries have implemented different economic relief measures in an effort to help those affected by the pandemic, and the results of this survey seem to indicate that those measures have been successful in improving people's economic situations.

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